From here, I saw this sentance

But this way a new dummy commit is added. If you want to avoid spaghetti-history you can rebase:

Google spaghetti-history only shows the history of spaghetti. I think there may be two meanings in original context :

  1. spaghetti is long -> tedious , we want to avoid long tedious thing.
  2. the history of spaghetti is long -> tedious , we want to avoid long tedious thing.

Or is this spaghetti-history from some famous story/allusion ?

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You are close to the right answer! In programming, the word spaghetti is used to refer to things that are complicated and tangled and do not follow an obvious straight line from one place to another. Think of what a bowl of spaghetti looks like: all of the strands criss-cross each other and wind around, and you can't tell where one strand begins and ends.

enter image description here

So spaghetti history would mean history that is complicated and tangled and unclear.

(And it should really be written "spaghetti history", not "spaghetti-history", because in English we don't usually put a dash between two nouns when we're using one of them as an adjective.)



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