As I understand, it's needed to use article "a" in this sentence, but I saw examples where it's not used. Why? Is it mistake or it is possible to use both variants?

You have a good pronunciation.

  • Why do you think "it's needed"? In most contexts, we wouldn't include the article when talking about someone's pronunciation. And on the rare occasions where it might be appropriate (because we're talking about the pronunciation of a specific word) we'd more likely say You pronounce it well. Jan 7 at 12:29

You mostly want You have good pronunciation, meaning that generally your pronunciation is good.

If you are talking about pronunciation of a specific word and there are multiple acceptable pronunciations of it then you could use a good pronunciation but that would be more unusual.


"Pronunciation" can be countable or uncountable.

It is uncountable if it means the sounds made when speaking a language or saying a word "her pronunciation is good", "you have good pronunciation".

It is countable when it means a particular way of pronouncing a word or a language: "OED include different pronunciations for the same word"

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