Does "see" have these usage forms?

  1. see [noun] [noun denoting action]
    --"the plan will see facility renovations"

  2. see [noun] [verb in participle form]
    --"the plan will see facilities upgraded"

  3. see [noun] [verb in to-less infinitive form]
    --"the plan will see buildings transform into world-class facilities"

  4. see [noun] [verb in gerund form]
    --"the plan will see buildings transforming into world-class facilities"

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Plan 1 = "There will be facility renovations."
Plan 2 = "The facilities will be upgraded."
Plan 3 = "Buildings will be transformed into world-class facilities."
Plan 4 = "Buildings will begin their transformation into world-class facilities."

In general, "The plan will see whatever the plan states."

Your choice of verb tense may depend on what perspective you want to take.

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