I don’t know if it is okay to use the word "from".

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    I think it would be more idiomatic to say " the only city in Latin America that I have visited" – user888379 Jan 7 at 22:47
  • More common to say " It is the only city of Latin America that I have visited". But I hope to see more. – Elliot Jan 8 at 2:30

This is a reasonable question because there are many meanings of the word that may have led you to confusion {although as a newcomer you have omitted to refer to your research on the matter, and that is strongly encouraged in questions put on this site - please read the site tour}.

Among the meanings of from are:

= used to show the origin of something or someone

= used to show the position of something in comparison with other things, or the point of view of someone when considering a matter or problem

Cambridge Dictionary

Hence "the only city originating in South America ..." or "the only city positioned in South America ..." that I have visited.

I also suggest that the usage might be justified by its implied reference to selection from a set of cities, as in the following. My own explanatory note is shown {so}:

"the only city {taken from the set of cities of} from South America ..."

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