Is it correct in English to write:

No water
No apple
No dog

when there is no water/apple/dog?

Is there any rule when only one form is valid:

There is no water


No water

Let's say I create a table and in one cell I want to write that there is no water in the pump:

Col1 Col2
11 red
12 blue
13 no water in the pump

In such context - is it correct just to say "no water in the pump"? Or do I have change it to "There is no water in the pump"?

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If you are writing a narrative, you should normally use complete sentences. "There is no water in the pump." If you are putting labels on something or making entries in a table, it is not necessary to use full sentences, and "no water" or "no water in pump" is fine.

  • Thank you, it's clear for me now.
    – Beniamin H
    Jan 8, 2021 at 20:02

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