Jack is walking down the hallway when suddenly he hears footsteps just around the corner. He runs for the nearest door and is/has gone a second later when Pete and Toby come around the corner.

(The important thing is that he has left the hallway so that Pete and Toby doesn't see him. He runs into a room; he doesn't leave the building.)

Questions: Are both "is" and "has" possible here? And if yes, is there a difference between them? Is the sentence written in an odd way, would you rephrase it?

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    Is gone is an archaic usage (See ell.stackexchange.com/questions/200440/… ) We're not supposed to give writing advice, but I think '...when P and T come round the corner he has disappeared' would be better. It is from their point of view that Jack has gone. – Kate Bunting Jan 9 at 12:15

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