If someone says it seems there is a lot going on your mind.
And I agree with it and feel that this person really has an insight into my mind.
How do I express this feeling to him ?
Should I say I agree with you
I too think the same
Is there a better way to convey this ?
I relate with it?

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I agree with you.


I too think the same.

It's rather awkward and doesn't sound natural to me. We say

I think so (, too).

I relate with it

is incorrect. We say

I can relate to that. = I understand it because I've gone through a similar situation.

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    "I agree with you" sounds to me as though you were agreeing with your friend's opinion about a third person. You know what is going on in your own mind, so I think "Yes, there is" or "You're right" would be more appropriate. Jan 10, 2021 at 17:10

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