Are you tired of taking pictures with your camera set to “Auto”? Do you want to create more professional-looking photos? You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

"set" is used as a noun as well as a verb. I wonder if the "set" described above is a noun or a past participle

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    "Set" is a past participle verb. "Your camera set to Auto” is a clause where "your camera" is subject and the verb phrase "set to auto" is predicate. – BillJ Jan 10 at 19:02

A digital camera comes with a set of predefined modes. One of them is usually the auto (=automatic) mode, which seeks a fine balance across all the settings.

... with your camera which is configured to use the “Auto” mode?

... with your camera which is set (up) to be in (the) “Auto” mode?

set here is the past participle of the verb set.

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