Could you tell me what the difference is between yet, as yet and so far in negative sentences For example:

I have a whole cake, but I haven't touched it yet.

I have a whole cake, but I haven't touched it as yet.

I have a whole cake, but I haven't touched it so far.

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    It's purely a stylistic choice whether to precede yet by as when used adverbially after the relevant main verb ("touched", here). If you move that element to between the auxiliary and the main verb (I haven't as yet touched it), you can include as, but if you move it even further forwards to before the main verb (I as yet haven't touched it), you must. That sequence is far less likely though. And although it's perfectly okay to move as yet forward like that, this doesn't work at all well with so far. Semantically, they're identical. Jan 12 at 18:43


meaning you will eat it sooner or later

as yet:

meaning until now or a particular time in the past.

so far can mean two things

Pills can only take you so far

meaning it helps you to a certain level but does not fully help you


I haven't eaten it so far

meaning you haven't eaten it up until now

  • Thank you for the answer! So I take it "so far" and "as yet" mean exactly the same thing, right? Jan 12 at 18:32
  • yes 'as yet' can mean 'yet' or 'so far' depending on what your sentence is sir.
    – Zoe
    Jan 12 at 18:35

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