Is the answer we or us?

The babysitter read we a story about mermaids.


The babysitter read us a story about mermaids.

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    'We' is a subject and 'us' is an object of a verb. So "He read to us" and "We read to him". – Weather Vane Jan 13 at 20:20
  • When you looked up “we” and “us” in the dictionary to try to figure out the difference, what did you find? – ColleenV Jan 13 at 20:20

Why do think it might be we?

This is a ditransitive verb, and like most ditransitives it can take two different patterns:

The babysitter read a story to us


The babysitter read us a story.


I gave a book to John.


I gave John a book.


Sheila baked a cake for her mother.


Sheila baked her mother a cake.

In either case, pronouns in both object positions (direct and indirect) take the "object" form, me, him, her, us, them.

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