I want to express to another person how much he is willing to pay for a task and he can openly tell me. Upfront seems a good word for this. Which of the two sentences is correct:

  1. You can let me know the price upfront
  2. you can let me know the price upfrontly

"Upfront" (or "Up front") is correct, as you're asking him to tell you at the start (which is what "up front" means).

Because "upfront" is a preposition you can't do something "upfrontly" any more than you can do something "fromly".

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    It may be worth mentioning that "upfrontly" is not a word and is therefore never correct. – TypeIA Jan 17 at 13:02
  • Why is upfront a preposition? Dictionary says it's an adjective/adverb? Thanks – pensee Jan 17 at 13:38
  • So, you can be "upfront" with someone which means honest/transparent, but in the context of your usage you're saying when you want to know the price, i.e. at the start. – elliotcm Jan 17 at 13:40

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