What does there now mean here?

"There now! What did I tell you?"

And when can I use it like this?


https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/there (definition 5).

'There' is used in various exclamations with no logical meaning, such as 'There, there' when trying to comfort a crying child. In your example it means 'See - it's happened just as I said it would!'.

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    I remember a US TV "cop" series called McCloud from way back when. The main character was always saying There ya go! - usually as a kind of "resigned" exclamation lamenting some aspect of the current situation, but sometimes with the "confirmatory" sense of It's now obvious that I / you / he was correct. But the exclamation was always presented in such a way that the audience would be encouraged to notice, and ideally to think What a strange expression that is, when you stop to think about it! Jan 14 at 12:40

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