Driving school

Driving Instructor: OK, Mario, we've gone over all the instruments and controls.

Man: Uhum.

Driving Instructor: Are you familiar with those?

Man: Yeah.

Driving Instructor: OK. Before we set the car in motion, we just want to double check that your seat is comfortable.

Man: Yes, good.

Driving Instructor: OK. Your seat belt is on properly.

Man: Uhmm.

Driving Instructor: OK. Now the last thing you want to do is to check that mirror.

Man: Yeah.

Driving Instructor: Make sure your mirrors are set up OK. Good. Then we're going to start the car. OK. Your right foot on the brake. Now, put it into the drive position.

What does "we've gone over all the instruments and controls" mean?


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go over

consider, examine, or check something.
"I want to go over these plans with you again


Oxford Languages

The man has properly studied the instruments and controls: where the speedometer is, how to turn on the lights, ...


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