ThTake this statement " Good friends help build your confident "

what we are said about help build ? its idioms

can i use help to build

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    Confident is an adjective; the noun you want is confidence. Jan 17 at 13:51

After 'help' you can use the bare infinitive - 'help do something' or the to-infinitive - 'help to do something'. Both mean the same, but using 'to' is slightly more formal.

Bare infinitive (BBC English)


Good friends help build your confidence.

This ngram shows that the pattern "help build <pronoun> confidence" is more common than "help to build <pronoun> confidence".

enter image description here

There is a phrasal verb with build, to build up something, which can be used with things like strength, experience, success, wealth.

Good friends help build up your confidence.

Good friends help build your confidence up.

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