Which of the below sentences in the past tense is correct ?

The sentence a is from a song that I've heard.

a) last night I lay in bed so blue.

b) last night I laid in bed so blue


The answer to your question is

a) last night i lay in bed so blue.

"Lay" is the past tense of the intransitive "lie". I lie (present) I will lie (future) I lay (simple past) I had lain (past perfect). I want to lie on the bed. Last night I lay on the bed.

Also, confusingly, there is the transitive verb "lay". I lay (present) I will lay (future) I laid (simple past) I had laid (past perfect). I want to lay the blanket on the bed. Last night I laid the blanket on the bed - It is possible to say in the present "I lay me (or myself) down" but this is unusual and old-fashioned.

Native speakers often get these wrong when using Standard English, and also local dialects sometimes use non-standard forms.

Lay, Lie, Lied, Lain: When Do We Use Which? (Britannica)

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