He was in the midst of a rampage, trashing the office.

  • What could a stronger word for "trashing" be that could fit in the above sentence?

  • Or could I just add "completely" before "trashing"?

  • How about "completely destroying" would that work?

  • You can say destroying. Loading your description doesn't really work, because if he was 'completely destroying' the office, that is a work in progress, so it is not complete. OTOH afterwards, you could say the office was completely destroyed. – Weather Vane Jan 21 at 0:01
  • Ransacking fits, but tends to imply searching for something in the process – Justin Stafford Jan 21 at 4:17

All of your ideas sound good. Some other suggestions:

  • absolutely wrecking
  • demolishing
  • razing cubicles to the ground
  • devastating

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