My first language is Spanish so I have a hard time with my vocabulary or writing grammatically correct. I have to respond to my professor's syllabus with something I liked about it. I think one of the sentences sounds off? I also was wondering what do you think I should say instead of shy? I am not sure what feeling that is?

What I particularly liked about the syllabus was the description on your principles because you talked about feedback, I think I respond to feedback unwell at times too.

** I think I get discouraged when someone says I did something wrong because even if I find that I happen to make a mistake it is still hard for me to hear others criticize my work.**

I have never responded negatively though because I didn't want to accept any feedback, but more of feeling that I am not getting better. I do try to fix my mistakes as I get feedback. And I agree, I do learn when I realize mistakes.

  • Proofreading and writing advice are outside the scope of this forum. I will just mention that you need to say "I respond badly to feedback". Unwell is an adjective meaning ill or sick. – Kate Bunting Jan 25 at 8:43
  • And it's description of.... not description on.... - although I think you mean the explanation of or setting out of rather than description of. – Ronald Sole Jan 25 at 10:47

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