In this sentence :

New research suggests most of Earth's heavy metals were spewed from a largely overlooked kind of star explosion called a collapser.

Here the should be used or not between "most of ___ Earth's"? I'm asking about this due to the presence of “most of” - it's limiting here Earth's heavy metals.

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    Does this answer your question? earth; the earth – ColleenV Jan 27 at 13:19
  • Here, I'm asking about the due to the presence of most of n it's limiting here Earth's heavy metals. – Shubham Jha Jan 27 at 13:21
  • Are you confusing it with "most of the heavy metals"? – mdewey Jan 27 at 14:47
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    I’ve edited the question to include the information in your comment @ShubhamJha and retracted my close vote. Improving your question by editing to add more information is better than just responding in comments, because some people won’t read the comments. – ColleenV Jan 27 at 15:16
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    Can you quickly check your source to see whether the word "collapsar" is actually used? I think "collapser" may be a copying error. – Prime Mover Jan 27 at 15:22