Is it correct to say:

I'm feeling like the day I thought I could make great things happen.
Because I do.

"I do" referring to "make great things happen". I'm feeling this way again because now I realize I'm a person that does make great things happen.

It's for a song...

  • It's correct, but it's not very clear. "Because I do" what? Feel like it? Think it? It would be much clearer if you wrote "Because I do make them happen."
    – stangdon
    Jan 27, 2021 at 20:25

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It could be considered okay, but there might be better ways to say it (it sounds a little confusing, but then again, maybe for a song lyric that’s okay).

Other ways of saying it.

Because I can. (You know you can because you’ve already done it.)


Because I am (making great things happen).

I also feel there may be a bit of a discrepancy around feeling like the day you thought you could (tentative/uncertain) when in the present you actually are (or know you can) (absolute/declarative/certain).

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