What do you call government inspectors who inspect food establishments (like cafes, food courts etc.) on whether they follow legally mandatory food safety guidelines (it's clean, chefs wear gloves, no insects, etc.)? Each country, I assume, has its own official name for such agencies, but what is the generic term, what do you call those food safety inspectors and these official bodies generally?

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    Generic terms are food inspectors, health and safety inspectors, or name of dept inspectors, such as OSHA inspectors. Those who craft the policies are regulators. Of course, another general term used is busybodies. Feb 12, 2021 at 15:27

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A person who does that is called a health inspector. It's defined by Collins Dictionary as 'a public employee who inspects places such as restaurants, shops, factories etc to make sure they are hygienic and do not pose any dangers to health'.


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