Could you see whose hands are tied? Trump's or McConnell's?

McConnell, Denouncing Trump After Voting to Acquit, Says His Hands Were Tied

The top Senate Republican gave his most damning condemnation of Donald Trump, but said the Senate had no power to convict an ex-president. He had refused to try Mr. Trump while he remained in office.

Source: New York Times

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    This seems to be a case of a misplaced phrase... to be more clear, it should read, "McConnell Says His Hands Were Tied, Denouncing Trump After Voting to Acquit". Feb 15 at 3:16

If the Senate had no power to convict an ex-president, this fact would tie the hands of (=prevent action by) people in the Senate, like McConnell, but not people outside the Senate, like Trump. So it must be McConnell with his hands tied.

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