Would a native speaker say "I am living in Berlin" instead of "I live in Berlin" if it's not their hometown and they have been living there for 30 years and they are still living there?

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    I wouldn't. I'd use it if I was planning to leave Berlin at some point though. "I am living in Berlin at the moment/until this contract finishes." If I'd been living there for 30 years and intended to stay, then I'd say "I live in Berlin" and would maybe add "but I'm from X originally". – BeginTheBeguine Feb 18 at 10:16
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    Only speakers of "Indian English" (people who say I am wanting something rather than I want it) would be likely to use the progressive aspect in your context. Here's a "German-based" exploration of this "non-mainstream" syntactic feature. – FumbleFingers Feb 18 at 12:52
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    (But a native speaker might well use Present Perfect Continuous to say something like I've been living in Berlin for 30 years.) – FumbleFingers Feb 18 at 12:56
  • painintheenglish.com/case/578. It's mentioned here. Maybe it wasn't written by a native speaker. – Antonia A Feb 18 at 13:46

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