Something that “run through sb's head/mind” means in Cambridge dictionary as follows:

"If something is running through your head/mind, you cannot stop thinking about it or singing it silently: I've had that tune running through my head all day."

The dictionary doesn't list a second meaning but I heard it used in a different way on a YouTube video:

"If you are an ESL student where English is your second language and you say “hiking is funny” a native speaker will run through his mind "Why is hiking funny?” it doesn't really make sense. Or “Going to an amusement park is fun” that's the correct way to say it."

Tutor Nick P Lesson (5) What Is the Difference Between Fun & Funny

Is the second sentence true? Can I say "I run through my mind my girlfriend" or "My girlfriend run through my mind", or maybe both of them are true.

"Object + run through + one's mind" or "Subject + run through + one's mind"? Which one of them are true?

Many thanks in advance.

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"run through my mind" would indicate a set of thoughts that came to you without you choosing to deliberately consider them.

It would be unnatural to say, "I run through my mind my girlfriend" or "My girlfriend run through my mind".

Something like this would be okay though: "while at work, thoughts of my girlfriend were running through my mind."

Perhaps the crucial difference is that 'running through my mind' shows a level of distraction from your main thoughts. In your first example, you are distracted by a tune. In the second example, the native speaker is being distracted from the topic of hiking by the misuse of the word 'funny'.

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