"Constitutionally, the Magna Carta of Edward I is the most important". This version remains in Statute today (albeit with ...

Does "Magna Carta" take the definite article?

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It’s the Magna Carta in that context, because it refers to Edward I’s reissue of it. In other contexts, practice will vary. A quick search of the Oxford English Dictionary shows 80 instances of Magna Carta, but only four are preceded by the. The British National Corpus has 47 records for Magna Carta, of which 11 include the definite article. Records in the Corpus of Contemporary American English, on the other hand, show a much higher proportion of records for the Magna Carta.


Yes, it does. Just like the names of organizations, committees, political parties, associations, foundations, or clubs, the names of treaties or agreements take the definite article the. Other examples are The Dayton Accords, The Kyoto Protocol and The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

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