An attitude of religious faith is attractive to many people. It makes the kind of arguments we have been considering irrelevant. Yet at its most extreme, religious faith can make people completely blind to the evidence against their views: it can become more like stubbornness than a rational attitude.

I don't understand the meaning of the word "of" in the bold text. I think it means "showing"


Could you explain it to me? Thanks

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    I would go with definition 5 - 'describing what something consists of'. Feb 24, 2021 at 9:27

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Normally, we would say someone has an attitude to, or towards something, as an attitude is a disposition. Also, "faith" isn't really an 'attitude', it is a belief. For example, you wouldn't say that someone has an "attitude of science".

However, in trying to understand what has been written, I would agree with comments that the use of "of" is to suggest that a specific attitude is based upon a religious belief. Whoever wrote it is probably trying to describe an attitude they think religious people have.

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