This is a formalized version of the solution. Is this sentence correct ? What are alternative
words one could use apart from formalized. The context is :
I solve a question but in a rough way. After that I write it formally to submit it to the prof
In this context apart from formalized what other words one can use


I would suggest, in the context, you say it is the finished, final or finalised version of the solution.

You should use the definite article, ie "the final version", as there may have been several drafts but there is only one final version.

  • Just to provide more info. The context I am using in is - eg. I solve a math problem roughly and then I make it neat and clear step by step for submission – Amit wadhwa Feb 26 at 9:55
  • @Amitwadhwa okay, on reviewing the context I can see a number of my suggestions were not quite suitable. I've narrowed it down to 3. – Astralbee Feb 26 at 10:30

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