Big tiles make the floor look bigger.

Big tiles make the floor looks bigger.

Which one is correct? According to my logic, the second verb of this sentence would be looks as its subject is the floor which is a third person singular number. Or it would be look for any other reason? Please let me know with explanation.


It is "look". This is a bare infinitive.

The relation between "make", "the floor" and "look bigger" is not a verb followed by a finite clause. Instead the verb make is followed by an infinitive verb clause, but it is a "bare" infinitive, without "to"

So at least one parsing is that "the floor" is the object of "make" and the infintive phrase is "look bigger". It is probably also possible to parse "the floor look bigger" as an infinitive clause with "the floor" as its subject.

Here is the parsing by computer:

(S (NP Big tiles)
   (VP make
       (NP the floor)
       (VP look
           (ADJP bigger)))

(It will parse the other version, but only by assuming that "looks" is the plural of a noun "a look", which is obviously nonsensical)

  • Are ‘non-finite clause’ and ‘infinitive verb clause’ the same thing? – Strider Feb 28 at 15:36
  • Infinitives are one type of non-finite clause, the others are gerunds and participles. – James K Feb 28 at 16:22

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