pls kindly advise if we should use here Past Continuous or any other Past tense?

e.g. I was waiting for you yesterday for 5 hours.

Situation: a person was waiting for another person. It lasted 5 hours. It was yesterday)

PS/ I've heard this sentence (word for word) from a teacher, who claims it is wrong to use here Past Continuous. Her variant is unknown. It was a video from her channel.

Thanks in advance)

  • The usual construction would be I waited for you yesterday for five hours (or: I waited for you for five hours yesterday. But you could easily frame a context in which you wanted to emphasise the length of time that you waited by using the past continuous. In this case you would usually drop the reference to the (5 hours) duration. So, it's not wrong. But it is unlikely and unusual. Mar 3, 2021 at 20:28

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It is correct. I think most people would would say:

I was waiting for you for 5 hours yesterday.

Because 5 hours is a long time to wait, I imagine this would be a strong complaint so I would expect the time to be emphasised, e.g.

I was waiting for you for 5 hours yesterday.


I was waiting for you for 5 whole hours yesterday.

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