In drama movie Bombshell (2019), Megyn admits that she too face sexual harrashment from Roger, Fox News CEO, but she refuse to be the poster girl for sexual harassment:

Megyn: I mean, going on the record...It's basically admitting you're the weak one in the herd.

Gil Norman: No, it's admitting you're the hot one.

Megyn: It has nothing to do with that, Gil.

Gil Norman: Say women.

What does "Say women" mean? I think He’s implying that women say that being sexually harassed has nothing to with being hot.

  • Yes, I think he probably is. "So women say" would be a more usual way to express it. – Kate Bunting Mar 5 at 11:39
  • Say women = That is what women say. – Greybeard Mar 5 at 19:16

“Say women” = “That is something women would say”


Phrases like this starting with "Say" or "Says" cpnvey a certain degree of disbelief. So Gil is implying that this is something women say but he does not personally agree with it (I assume Gil is a man). People do say "Says you" to disagree with the speaker.

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