I am writing a tech blog. In this blog, I am using an analogy to explain something. And the analogy has this story that begins in Spain. And there's a sentence I used to convey a part of that analogy but now I am not sure if that sentence is grammatically correct or not.

So what I actually want to convey to the readers of this blog is that I received a letter, I opened it but the language in which the letter was written was Spanish. And to convey that I wrote, When I opened the letter, it was written in Spanish.... I don't know why but it seems like it is incomplete. Is this sentence grammatically correct?

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When I opened the letter, it was written in Spanish…” Is it grammatically correct??

hmm, another one of those awkward sounding sentences. I suspect if I was to say it is not correct I will find someone who differs and the same if I say it is correct.

When I opened the letter, I found it was written in Spanish… Is how I would write this

CED; Found; past simple and past participle of find----find; verb (DISCOVER)

When I opened the letter, I discovered it was written in Spanish

A1 [ T ] to discover

  • Yes. Otherwise you could be saying the letter was written in another language right up to the time it was opened, when it magically changed to Spanish. Commented Mar 8, 2021 at 7:24

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