Which one of the following sentence is grammatical?

1- What footballer has scored the most number of goals?

2- Which footballer has scored the most number of goals?

  • As per Brad's answer, either (the) most goals or the greatest/largest number of goals. The former is preferable. – Ronald Sole Mar 8 at 11:18

Although both are commonly used I would go with

What footballer has scored the most goals? (number of is not required).

Why? basically which is used when you are choosing between a small number of alternatives. Which of your friends.... what student from your school...

which determiner, pronoun UK /wɪtʃ/ US /wɪtʃ/ which determiner, pronoun (QUESTION)

A1 (used in questions and structures in which there is a fixed or limited set of answers or possibilities) what one or ones:

what determiner, pronoun, exclamation UK /wɒt/ US /wɑːt/ what determiner, pronoun, exclamation (QUESTION)

A1 used to ask for information about people or things: What time is it? What books did you buy? What did you wear? What size shoes do you take? What happened after I left?

all ref CED WHAT

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