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My little daughter rubbed her leg on a surface and a bit of skin is about to fall off (see the picture).

Is it correct to say "She rubbed her leg on something and had a thin bit of her skin almost falling off"?

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    It's a much more complicated explanation than most people would feel the need for! You could say she grazed her leg (perhaps adding slightly, because a graze can draw blood). In British English we sometimes talk about barking your shins - accidentally scraping some skin off, like peeling bark from a tree. Commented Mar 9, 2021 at 9:36

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As a US English speaker, I would say she scraped her leg on something and got a scrape.

scrape: to damage or injure the surface of by contact with a rough surface
a scrape: a mark or injury caused by scraping : ABRASION

Rub sounds much more gentle and does not imply any injury.

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