Man 1 - They were shooting at me.

Man 2 - How can you be sure that it wasn't your friend who did the shooting?

Is "who did the shooting" perfectly natural in this context or are there a much more natural things to say instead?

  • It sounds fine to me.
    – Davo
    Commented Mar 23, 2021 at 15:07

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"Who did the shooting?" is a question more likely to be asked if you are discussing a "far-off" event that you were not present for. If you hear a story about a shooting on the other side of town a natural question would be "Who did the shooting?" or perhaps "Who was the shooter?"

If you are talking to a friend about an event they are very familiar with, it would sound more natural to say "How can you be sure it wasn't your friend who was shooting at you?" This phrasing emphasizes the friend who was there and lets them know you care about their story; saying that the shooting "was done" has a more clinical or analytic tone that wouldn't be appropriate if you are talking to someone who experienced the event.

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