What does "look for" mean in football (soccer) context?

15 min: Spurs 0 Zagreb 0 Lamela looks for Kane in the box but just puts too much on the cross. Spurs are well on top and looking threatening.

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    It means that it tries to see whether he can pass the ball to Kane, who is close to the opponents' goal, and may be able to score. – Ronald Sole Mar 12 at 11:49
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    This is not a football-specific usage. Did you check the dictionary for a definition of the phrasal verb "look for" before posting? If so, why did you think it doesn't apply here? Please do a bit of basic research before posting and explain your research in the question. – Canadian Yankee Mar 12 at 14:49

According to Needgrammar, "look for" is:

a phrasal verb and it means "to try to find something"

as in the example "They went to the city to look for some new clothes."

enter image description here

source: https://www.needgrammar.com/grammar/phrasal-verbs-types-with-examples.html

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