"The garden is fragrant with jasmine flowers" Is there a different way to say this? I would appreciate an alternate word for "fragrant"

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    google fragrant synonyms – Ronald Sole Mar 12 at 18:46
  • I did. There are different words like scent, aroma and others. However, I am unable to fit them as a replacement in the above quoted sentence – Ammu Mar 12 at 18:56
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    If it helps, think of how the scent affects you, then use words like that. For example, if you disliked jasmine, you could say, "That nasty and tiny garden reeked of jasmine." If you thought jasmine was sensual, you could say, "Jasmine perfumed the air like the kiss from a secret love by moonlight." You get the idea. – FeliniusRex Mar 12 at 18:59
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    Scent is a synonym of fragrance, not fragrant! – Kate Bunting Mar 12 at 21:35

following the advice in comments gives:

  • sweet-scented
  • sweet-smelling
  • scented
  • perfumed
  • aromatic
  • sweet
  • redolent
  • fragranced
  • aromatized
  • perfumy

Most of these would suit your purpose, perhaps particularly "aromatic" or "redolent"

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