If I'm studying to be an English instructor, can I say "I'm working my way into becoming an English instructor"?

I have searched for the presence of that expression in the language but I could only find "work my way up to"


If your intended meaning is that you are steadily progressing towards a goal, you would say "I'm working towards becoming an English instructor."

"Working your way into" carries the idea of infiltrating something. The cancer has worked its way into the kidneys. I used my charms to work my way into the club.

  • My exact intention is to use a more indirect way to say "I'm still searching for a job". @StheRobot – Mohamad Waly Mar 16 at 6:56
  • Ok, so you might say "I'm pursuing a career as..." or even "I'm pursuing employment 4...". This makes it clearer that you are at the stage of actively looking for a job, without saying bluntly "I dont have a job" – StheRobot Mar 16 at 8:29
  • "I'm working towards becoming an English instructor" sounds good to me! Thank you @StheRobot! – Mohamad Waly Mar 16 at 20:21

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