Hi my teacher (native) told me to find the solution for the problematic part of this sentence (in bold).

"I’ve almost forgotten to mention that this is the first time I visit you."

(Short explanation the visit time is tomorrow morning.)

I have some guesses, but not sure at all please help:

Since it relates for the future I would use the:

I'm going to visit you. or I'm visiting you.

(I will visit you - seem less applicable her for me, since he time was agreed earlier.)

On the other side I'm not sure if the tense is the problem....

Thanks in advance.

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The tense is the problem.

Native speaker of English, and I'm not sure what the formal reasons for these things are called, but this is what seems right to me:

The correct way to phrase this is "This is the first time I will visit you", "This will be the first time I'm visiting you", or "This will be the first time I visit you", if you're talking about a visitation in the future. If the visitation is happening in the present, the correct way to say it is "This is the first time I have visited you."

"This is the first time I'm going to visit you" would also be correct, but it has a slightly different connotation due to the different verb ("going to visit" vs "visit"), implying a less formal visit - you might go to visit a friend at their house, but you visit your client's office.

  • Dear Nick, Really thanks for your answer, I found it very useful. It was my guess to, but I was not sure. Thanks again, Szabolcs
    – babolcs
    Mar 27, 2021 at 6:27

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