"Vitamins don't enter in the structure of tissues"

I've never come across a native that uses the word enter in this context, so I want to make sure it's correct.

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    I would have said enter into not enter in but otherwise seems OK. Do you have any particular problem you are struggling with?
    – mdewey
    Mar 26 at 14:47
  • I would have said either "Vitamins don't enter the structure..." or what mdewey said. Mar 26 at 15:18
  • The structure of tissues is a strange phrase. Vitamins are absorbed or synthesised rather than entering tissues. vivo.colostate.edu/hbooks/pathphys/digestion/smallgut/… Mar 26 at 16:28
  • Assuming the intent of the assertion is true, I'd say Vitamins do not form part of the structure of [body] tissues. For all I know, some vitamins do enter=go into the structures temporarily. Mar 26 at 18:51

It's the preposition that is wrong. "Into" is the preposition you want. "In" is a preposition for location, not movement.

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