This man looks like it was cut off and then pasted onto the picture. The rest of the image looks like it was drawn with crayons while the man looks like it was taken from a photograph.

What do phrasal verb do you use for the act of cutting or copy pasting on Photoshop?

I am not sure if you should use "cut off" or "cut out" and if there's a simpler phrasal verb for "pasted onto". What are the various options?

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    People use "photoshop" as a verb these days - not in formal writing, but in casual speech. You could say, "it looks like the man was photoshopped in." Commented Mar 27, 2021 at 14:22

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The verb edit is used in the phrasal verbs edit in and edit out, which means "added in", and "removed out" respectively.

The sentence could be written as

This man looks like it was edited into the picture.

These phrasal verbs are not used exclusively with images though, they are also used with text, film, etc.

As pointed out in a comment, you can also use to photoshop itself as a verb to mean "editing an image". This is very similar to how the verb to google means "look for something on the internet using a search engine".

In that case, the sentence would be

This man looks like it was photoshopped into the picture.

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