Watch this story on youtube, they say “Aladdin touched his fingers on the ring” at 4:12.

It seems that the people read that story are native English speakers.

I checked variety of dictionaries and it seems none says "touch your hand/finger... on something" but rather "touch something with your hand/finger..."

But people actually say that in a poem Cifra Club - Sylford Walker - Golden Pen

"You got to touch your finger on Jah golden pen"

Do native English speakers say "Aladdin touched his fingers on the ring”?

Note: I suspect the script of the video above was written by non-native speakers or near-native speakers ad therefore their English is not perfect.

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Your intuition is correct - most native English speakers would say "Touched the ring with his fingers", rather than "Touched his fingers on the ring".

Sylford Walker is a Jamaican singer, so English is likely not his native language. Those lyrics suit the Jamaican/reggae dialect as well. An example of this is No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley - the grammatically correct way of saying this would be "No, woman, don't cry".

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