Is there a word or phrase that allows us to refers to what's around an issue/problem/subject?

Instead of addressing the specific subject directly, he looked at what's around the subject, although somewhat related to the subject in question.

I am trying to find a more concise way to express the above to sound more like a native speaker.

  • He skirted around the issue/problem/subject. Apr 15, 2021 at 6:11

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Consider the word marginalia (marginal notes, at the edge or margin of something, which is peripheral to the bigger picture already mentioned in @Brad answer),

Instead of addressing the specific subject directly, he looked at marginalia, although somewhat related to the subject in question.

This word may not be of common use although it well addresses the idea of relegating the attention to side issues.


The bigger picture

the big picture, the whole situation, as opposed to particular parts of it: Ref C.E.D.

"Look at the big picture" means look at the whole issue, not just one little part of it. Like, if you are only concerned with your personal economic interests, you might say that you should buy the cheapest food you can buy. But if you look at the big picture, there are many more important issues that should factor in to which food you should buy.

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