The context is that I bought some books from a seller in Instagram and after the transaction was completed (meaning they still need to be shipped) he told me:

Your books are now in the hands of the shipper. Let me know when you hey them!

At first, I thought he was trying to say "Let me know when you get them!", but then he said:

Hey them? Maybe when you get them. 😁

And then I was pretty sure he meant exactly what he said. Sometimes when I post on Instagram, bragging about my books, I tag the bookseller in the post, but maybe I misunderstood the intention.

Do you think is that what he meant? This is the first time I see the use of "hey" as a verb (?).


Look at your keyboard. H and G are right next to each other. T and Y are right next to each other. A and E are very close.

The seller meant to say "get them" but mistyped. Their phone autocorrected to "hey them."

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    ...and he was telling you (with a laughing emoticon) that that is what he must have meant. Apr 2 at 8:44
  • Yeah. He was correcting himself in the second message. In a joking (self deprecating) manner.
    – Preston
    Apr 6 at 0:46

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