Bad guy: Nobody can save you.

Good guy: Yes, there is. Alex, he'll come and/to save us.

Could anyone please explain to me what the difference is between using and and to in this context, if there is any? Thank you.

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He'll come to save us. is merely using a to-infinitive. The purpose of his coming is to save us.

Like: He came to see us.

He'll come and save us. There are two actions: He will come and he will save us.

Like: He came and told us. Two actions.

The stylistic focus is different in them. One emphasizes purposes and the other the actions.

  • Result vs intention. If she came and hit me, then she hit me. Ouch. If she came to hit me, she might have hit me, or (I hope), I might have dodged the blow, or hidden, or simply not been at home. Apr 2, 2021 at 22:44

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