To clarify, this means what I think it means, right?

This is a grammatically correct sentence, right? I looked up the ways we use the word clarify but didn't come across many examples of the word being used at the beginning of the sentence, which why I'm confused whether this sentence is correct or not. I don't see any reason why it should be incorrect, but it's good to verify.

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There is nothing special about the word "clarify". It is being used as a verb.

The phrase "To clarify" is being used adverbially. It can be placed at the start of a sentence (and should be separated from the subject by a comma in written language, and intonation in speech)

To clarify, I'm not a professional programmer; I only do this as a hobby.

Adverbs, prepositional phrases and infinitives can all be placed at the start of a sentence.

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