In writing the following sentence, I am hesitating which one (Being faced, faced, having been faced) I should use at the beginning:

_____ with the increasing unemployment, many people went on strike in most of the European countries.

Syntactically speaking, I think all of them are correct. Are there any nuances among these three?

I have corrected a typo "having faced" to "having been faced"

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Having faced with unemployment does not make sense, syntactically or in meaning. You might be able to interpret "having faced" as a baroque construction for "having faced off" meaning "having confronted" but that would imply two people facing each other; one cannot face off with unemployment (an abstract noun).

Being faced with unemployment is not completely incorrect but is unnatural and overly wordy.

Faced with unemployment is correct and concise, and is the proper selection here.

  • what about having been faced with, I meant to write this but dropped the "been" Commented Apr 6, 2021 at 6:31

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