I'm addicted to watch movies.

I'm addicted watching movies.

Which one is correct? And if they're both wrong, can someone explain how to properly use " I'm addicted" and "I'm addicted to" in a sentence.


Both "I'm addicted to watch movies" and "I'm addicted watching movies" are incorrect. The correct sentence would be: "I'm addicted to watching movies."

The phrase to be addicted to [thing] takes a noun (to be addicted to heroin) or a gerund (to be addicted to biking). A gerund is sometimes called a nounal verb to emphasize the fact that it acts as a noun in a sentence but it is describing an action.

  • I thought after "to" we need to use verb without "ing". – Eraser Head Apr 7 at 5:21
  • 1
    @EraserHead you're correct when talking about a verb itself, but watching is a noun, even though it's based on a verb. The phrase here is to be addicted to and then a noun, for example drugs which is a noun, or watching which is also a noun. The to used in this case is not the same to used in the infinitive form of a verb. – randomhead Apr 7 at 5:30
  • "I'm addicted to dance" is wrong "I'm addicted to dancing" is correct? – Eraser Head Apr 7 at 6:13
  • @EraserHead "I'm addicted to dancing" is correct. But "I'm addicted to dance" can also be correct because "dance" is a noun—you could be specific and say "I'm addicted to ballet" or more general and say "I'm addicted to dance." (But this is only because "dance" is a noun that is the thing the verb "to dance" refers to. "Watch" is a noun meaning "a small clock worn on the wrist" and has nothing to do with the verb "to watch.") – randomhead Apr 7 at 12:03

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