In information security, in order to express the fact that a system was successfully attacked and taken over, one usually uses the verb compromised

The system was compromised after a successful attack. It is not safe to use.

What is the noun derived from that verb? The Cambridge Dictionary does not seem to offer one - I thought that a compromission would exist but this is not the case.

On the other hand, a compromise only has the meaning of (roughly speaking) an agreement.

Is there a good way to express "the fact of having been compromised"? (in a computer security context)

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The noun for the attack is also compromise. I think this is a relatively new usage of the word, so you may not find it in dictionaries.


In one case, the contaminated control software was downloaded 250 times by unsuspecting users before the compromise was discovered.

If you believe the compromise was caused by malicious code, disconnect your computer from the Internet.

As the scale of the compromise of SolarWinds’ Orion platform – which is so far known to have struck multiple US government departments and cyber security firm FireEye – continues to grow...


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