I'm currently busy with writing work instructions for work and I'm wondering if the sentence below is correct grammatically:

Remember about putting the documents back to the....

Can "Remember about" doing something be used instead of for example "Don't forget to put the documents back to the..."?

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It's not idiomatic to say remember about in this context. If this is an imperative, the way to phrase it is Remember to...

For example,

Remember to plant your peanuts on land suitable for them.

Remember about is more often used when we discuss recollecting facts about an event or an object.

what do you remember about Stalin's death?

I don't remember about the girls.

  • If it's not an "imperative" utterance - as in the question [Do you] remember putting the documents back? - we wouldn't normally include the preposition "about". But it does sometimes occur, and I wouldn't say it's actually ungrammatical - just "not idiomatically common". Apr 9, 2021 at 12:13

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