At the press conference, Trump announced he planned to invest $250 million to build two "super-luxury" residential towers, to be called Trump International and—surprise—Trump Tower, both of which he said "Moscow desperately wants and needs. "

I figure "surprise" here means it's not a surprise it's called Trump Tower. But I'm unsure if I get it right. What does it truly mean here?


I'd call it sarcasm more than irony. Trump likes to go around naming things "Trump Tower" so it is really NOT a surprise that he is doing it again.


This is irony. To understand this you need to appreciate the full context.

As irony, it is a parenthetical comment (marked by dashes) that means ".... (and this is not a surprise)..."

In a non-ironic way. People will say "Surprise!" as an interjection when saying something surprising.

Here is your coffee and — surprise!— I made waffles!

But it is also very commonly used ironically, sometimes duplicated, and means "This is not a surprise. You need to consider the context to understand if it is ironic. In this case you should be aware that Trump has set up a tower named "Trump Tower" in many locations around the world

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