I want to write an informal sentence to ironically tell someone it is never their fault just because they look innocent. Does the following sentence sound right?

You just look like the people that it's never their fault.

Is there a way to build a sentence with "whose" in this case?

You just look like the people ... whose fault ...

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    Your sentence makes no sense. You seem to be trying to say:**You look like the kind of person who relies on their innocent looks to escape blame.** There are lots of ways to express this but not the way you have chosen. You need to rethink it. – Ronald Sole Apr 13 at 8:50
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    I think the version with whose is in fact the only way to properly make the sentence. Firstly, it should always be who or whose, not that, because these are people, not objects. Also, it's never their fault doesn't fit after the people who; the noun phrase starts with "the people", so that's the head of the NP, but who needs a relative clause, and "it's never their fault" isn't one; you don't put a new subject like "it" in a relative clause. – stangdon Apr 13 at 11:44

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